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Maiden Voyage

May 21, 2006

Like my dad used to say…

“Off we go like a terd of hurdles!”

To be true to the title of the blog, I’ll say this…I have no idea why I am blogging, nor when I’ll have time to blog. But I do know everyone and their grandmom is blogging, and hey, I’m more hip than a grandmom, so……here I am.

My hope is to record things here, things that are true, things that are feeling true at the moment, sometimes just to enjoy my own private musings, to wonder aloud, and to remind myself of where God has taken me in this crazy journey I find myself on. Being a pastor has been a great experience, not because of the title, and certainly not because of the amazing pay scale, but because of the incredible accountability it is knowing that this stewardship God has given me is a serious one. So, for me, this blog will help me see where I have been, and what God has taught me.

Perhaps others will read and see that pastors are normal, have normal fears, experience normal emotion, want normal success, and fail in a very normal way…. hopefully more the former than the latter….

And others, well, they may just see this blog and decide that they really don’t like what I have to say. Quite frankly, I don’t like a lot of things I have to say. Maybe we can get together and have a party…..

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