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Finally full-time

May 22, 2006

This past weekend I was able to celebrate something I never thought possible…my 11th wedding anniversary. Now, I didn’t think it was impossible because of my wife, because of the difficulties of marriage, but rather because growing up, I dated soooo much (it was almost like my part-time job), I never thought I could trick anyone into being with me on a full-time basis.

Fortunately, I did trick one. Or perhaps a better way to say it is, God blinded one for me. And now, 11 years later, I’m “more in love with her than I have ever been.” Isn’t that what I am supposed to say? Not that it’s not true, but quite frankly, it’s so cliché, that phrase has lost all meaning. So let me be frank…

I am emotionally drawn to my wife. I am physically drawn to my wife. I am spiritually drawn to my wife. I am sexually drawn to my wife. I am relationally drawn to my wife.

But those things could be said since the day I first laid eyes on her. How is it that I am “more in love with her?”

Because when I first met her, I was like a social drinker having an occasional sip of wine. Now, after 11 years, I am flat out addicted to the stuff. I praise God that I can’t stop thinking about her, that I can’t wait to hold her, that I can’t wait to talk to her, that I can’t wait just to be with her. I can’t imagine a marriage where that wasn’t true.

God has given me a wife who loves me, honors me, respects me, and nurses me back to strength when the arrows of ministry are sticking in my hide.

Man, am I glad I’m finally full-time.

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