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The Appearance of Wealth

February 28, 2007

So, we just made it through another National Leadership Conference. I found it hilarious that these guys from all of these ministries came to the conference to “learn.” At times, I felt that many of the guys came to be learned from, as if they were the ones to be listened to.

Quite frankly, I found myself becoming very agitated with some of them, even referring to one as “that needy little man.” Didn’t they know they were here as listeners, as ones who needed to be refined and not ones to be doing the refining?

Thankfully, God’s grace is constantly refreshing and constantly at work, as He used even “that needy little man” to point out a glaring deficiency in my character. I have found an incredible sense of pride and arrogance in my heart, a feeling of knowing it all, or at least being good friends with those who do know it all.

I was challenged to love my fellow man, pray for those men who are, quite honestly, out there on their own slaving away for Christ. I was challenged to be thankful for the gift it is to work at this church, surrounded by other men who are serving Him, who often willingly sacrifice their ideas to listen to some moronic idea from this poor man…

I need to fully recognize my standing…I need to own up to who I am…I need to be thankful for Him even hearing me. I am but a poor, poor man.

This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles. Psalm 34.6

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