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Am I overwhelmed?

May 21, 2007

So, yesterday, Eph 5 was the topic of our Singles ABF…it was also our 12th anniversary. I was reminded, quite frankly, of how selfish I can be, especially when I am reminded in that chapter not of Stephanie’s job and responsibilities, but of the incredibly high calling of a husband… to love as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it. (5.25) Yeah, that’s easy. Deny myself completely, and live for Stephanie. Sounds like a great chick flick, but a tough life.That is, of course, if I am living selfishly. The over-arching theme presented before the roles of marriage is that believers are to submit to each other, to be low, to not think on our own things, to be concerned with the good of others, and do that like we are serving Christ as we do it, because we are.

And the only way I can succeed in doing that? When the one controlling factor in my life is God, not wine, not feelings, not desires, but God. Being controlled by the outside influences fills my life with treachery and selfishness. Filling my life with God and God alone fills my life with songs and thankfulness, and an ability to joyfully serve those around me, including the wonderful gift of a wife I have been given.

I know Him, I name Him, I claim Him, I love Him…

I just need to be overwhelmed by Him.

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