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Flavorite Sins

July 5, 2007

This from an article on the Preaching Today blog, April 2, 2007:

At the 2007 National Pastors Convention in San Diego, editorial advisor John Ortberg gave a list of what he regards as the Ten Deadly Sins of the Preacher. Here they are:
1. The temptation to be inauthentic
2. The temptation to live for recognition
3. The temptation to live in fear
4. The temptation to compare myself to others
5. The temptation to exaggerate and plagiarize
6. The temptation to live with a chronic sense of inadequacy
7. The temptation to be proud
8. The temptation to manipulate people
9. The temptation to envy
10. The temptation to anger
Quite frankly, I can see myself in a few of those, but not all. It has nothing to do with maturity, just has to do with my particular flavor preference of sin. Comparing myself and inadequacy are the 2 that resonate the most with me. I know who I am in Christ, I know what I have in Christ, I know it’s only Christ, and not me..and yet…I live with a constant “need” to impress people. A pat on the back, a good word, a smile and wink from my wife, I hunger that feedback from people telling me I am doing ok. I can find feedback even in the looks people give. Their eyes tell the whole story, or at least I think they do. I am a people pleaser.

In truth, I have almost always known that, and because of that, I’ve worked (ing) through it. I know what I really “need.” It’s the reminder in my heart, not just my ears and head, but in my heart, that one day, I’ll look Christ in the face. My longing must be, and most of the time is, that as He says hello, His eyes will say, “I’m proud of you.”

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