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How can I handle “this?”

August 21, 2008

I have him listed in the blog section, but the fellow that writes 97 seconds with God has nailed me more times in the last week than I can share. But this one… this one captivates me, simply because God has been working in my heart to remind me that my talking, my wisdom, my input….really is worthless. Here is his post…

Exodus 7 – Quiet

It took me a few times to see what was missing in this chapter. I had to go back over the words and check all the sentences to see if what I was looking for wasn’t really there. And it isn’t.

Moses and Aaron don’t speak at all in this chapter.

Did you notice that? They are never quoted. We never actually have their words laid out on the page or have a snippet of the conversation they have with Pharaoh framed for us to see. There was no need to include what Moses and Aaron said, because God was in control.

He lays out His plan. He gives them the exact words to say and the exact things He wants them to do. And then they do it.

I love the simplicity of this chapter, especially on the heels of chapter 6. They form such a perfect tag team of ideas that point to the same thing. We can be quiet. God’s got this. Regardless of whatever particular type of “this” you’re going for. He is in control.

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