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The article in my box

September 22, 2008

Well, howdy folks…. I just wanted to put a quick note in here for the person who dropped off the article, God Bless America, by Elwood McQuaid (Israel my Glory July/August 2008), in my box. I am assuming it is in response to the Patriotism article I posted a few weeks back. First, I didn’t write the article I posted, and there were some things I disagreed with, like I said in the prelude to my post. Second, I haven’t had the opportunity to really read the article you left in my box yet, but I will, I promise. I will also, in all fairness, if at all possible, post it here on my blog, and respond to it in a biblical manner. Bear with me, I have a crazy week, but I would like to do it before next week… I promise to handle it respectfully, and Lord willing, as I am led by the Holy Spirit.

Since you didn’t leave your name, and you obviously read my blog, I thought I would communicate with you this way. But do me a favor, and next time, put your name on it! J

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