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The Enforcer

October 14, 2008

I mentioned the other night in Bible study a verse or 2 that P. Troy had used that stuck in my head a bit during a devotional. I finally found it, and I am truly captivated by it, especially in light of some recent events in my life.

Here’s the background. Those wild and crazy Pharisees are out to “entangle Jesus in His words” again, because they just haven’t learned their lesson yet. It’s almost like the Little Pipsqueak Punk who keeps picking fights with the big “Enforcer” of the neighborhood thinking that maybe this time he’ll land the knockout blow. But every time, I end up running home to mommy, rag over my spurting nose, trying to maintain some sense of masculinity while whimpering like a little girl while the Enforcer flexes, growls and laughing, hollers to me, “Next time bring your sister to fight me, you little girl!” (Sorry, momentary flashback.) Anyway, these silly Pharisees just don’t learn!

Or maybe they do, because this time, they don’t go to ask Jesus a question themselves, but they send their minions, their disciples, to take the beating.

The question – should we pay taxes to Caesar?

The answer – Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, render to God what is God’s.

The point – well, it’s a poignant moment. But the phrase that sticks out at me is found before the answer, and even before the question. It’s in Matthew 22.16:

“Teacher, we know that you are true and teach the way of God truthfully, and you do not care about anyone’s opinion, for you are not swayed by appearances.”

Ok, I know, they were just sucking up, brown-nosing, baiting Jesus’. But wouldn’t you love to hear someone say that about you? Wouldn’t you love your reputation to be, we know you are going to say what you think is True, because you don’t care about men’s opinions, and you don’t play favorites. You care about what’s right…so that being said, answer this question…

Let’s be honest. Don’t we miss out on that reputation, because we are too concerned about getting the Pipsqueaks to like us? It’s time to become Enforcers. It’s time to stop putting up with little stuff, and speak Truth every time, no matter what people think. It’s time to be more like Jesus.

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