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Waving at you

December 22, 2008

We live in a weird development… called the Ghetto’s by many. But hey, it was cheap when we bought our townhouse (actually, getting cheaper by the day! God bless the economy!).

We love to have people over, but we often run into a small problem. In fact, it happened again this past weekend with a bunch of people.

You see, Tom Tom can get you into our development, but it can’t get you to our front door. Because of where we are situated, most people will drive around our development swearing (ok, maybe not swearing, but speaking ill-things for sure) because they can’t find us!

Our solution? Well, when they call, trying to keep their cool as they explain they have wasted enough gas for a lunar expedition looking for our place, I throw on my shoes, my coat, my mittens and head to where they say they are, waving at them, laughing, and occasionally mocking them for being the 100th person to not be able to find our place, unless they look really mad. Then I just blame the economy for the price of gas.

Ok, so what’s the point? Well, other than the fact that they would be still driving around if I didn’t go out to get them, the point is this, they will call His name “Emmanuel,” which means, “God with us.”

Does the fact that His name is Emmanuel mean anything to you? Are you overwhelmed with the fact that God, knowing how messed up we would be, decided before time began that He would send His One and Only Son to earth in the form of a baby to be with us? And that those who were offered hope by His coming would stand at His feet one day screaming, “Kill Him! Crucify Him! We hate Him! Crucify Him!”

Do you forget that it was your voice, your hatred, your sin, your anger, your wrongs that nailed Him to the cross? That you weren’t pretty, or “neat,” you were a filthy sinner deserving death when He took the nails for you? Do you realize how much you needed Him…need Him? How lost you are without Him?

This song has been stuck in my head for a week… it pretty much sums up this one fact . . . without Jesus, Emmanuel, we’d all have run out of gas trying to find the way.

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