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An open letter to President Obama

January 20, 2009

Hey everyone. Here’s a crazy one for you. I was listening to the inauguration, and thought of some things I would say to President Obama if I had the chance. And, as usual, I came up with this crazy idea, and I actually wrote a letter and sent it to him. I’ll post any response. 🙂


Dear President Obama,

Just to set the context for my letter. I am an assistant pastor in Lansdale, PA. I am one of those conservative evangelicals you hear so much about. You know who I am talking about, the ones who see your being elected as the beginning of the end. Yeah, that’s my team. Go team! (Seriously, if many of them would just go, I would be grateful!)

As I listened to the inauguration ceremony, I imagined what it would be like to have a conversation with you, what I would say. After thinking for a while, I figured, why not! I’ll send it. So here it is.

Mr. President, please do what is right. And I’m not talking about policies or laws, I’m talking about what is really right. Don’t miss out on the precious time with your beautiful little girls. I know in my piddly little job how busy it can be… I can’t comprehend what it will be like for you. But do what is right…they need you, now more than ever. For cryin’ out loud, the whole country has been watching to see what dog they get! The only reason my kids got any attention when they picked out their fish is because they were so loud in the store! So, please, do what is right. Love those little girls.

Mr. President, please be careful. I’m not talking about sticking with your secret service guys, I’m talking about being really careful. Watch who you surround yourself with. These people are going to try their hardest to influence you on every decision, from who you negotiate with to who you eat with. I think in the past few years we’ve heard and seen more from the people who surrounded the President than from the President himself. So, please, be careful. America voted for you, not them.

Mr. President, be yourself. I don’t mean blazing political paths that you believe in, I mean don’t lose your personality. I think too often our Presidents are asked to become people they aren’t, to carry a certain image. Our country needs a President who is honest, even with his facial expressions. No smirks, no winks, no scowls – just real reactions from you. I guess what I am trying to say is, if someone throws a shoe at you, take yours off and return fire! My kids need to see that their President is a real man, not just an image.

Mr. President, get to know who Jesus is. I don’t mean the way most Americans do, by showing up in church on Sunday to be seen, I mean getting to know Him in your office, in your house, in your room. My prayer is that in your time in office, you will meet people who will show you what it means to know Him, not just to know about Him.

Mr. President, in the last 2 hours, America has changed in two dramatic ways. The first was beautifully pictured by Rev. Lowry during the benediction of the inaugural ceremony. America is not the same as it was 60 years ago. Instead, somehow, America has learned that the color of someone’s skin is only that, and not a personality trait.

The second change, well, I mean no offense. Believers must now actually trust that God knows what He is doing. Believers must now realize that their hope, their trust must be in God, not man. My confidence lies in the fact that God is in control, that God did not fall asleep and lose this election. Since that is true, you, Mr. President, are the man for this job. There was no divine error, no huge mistake. God placed you in this authority. Therefore, I will pray for you, I will respect you, and I will view you as God does, as one of His servants here on earth.

Hope you have thawed out by now. Enjoy the parties, and say hello to the wife and kids for me,


p.s. if you’re ever in Lansdale, look me up… coffee’s on me! J

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