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What would you do?

February 12, 2009

My wife loves the show, “What would you do?” It creates opportunities for average every-day Americans to get involved in an uncomfortable situation, to see how many people turn a blind eye to someone in need, or, sometimes, jump in and kick a losers butt. Ok, that hasn’t happened, but when it does, that’s when it becomes my favorite show!

What has surprised me is how many people do nothing. I mean, the situation is so dramatic, even a weenie has to act. But somehow, they fill the show with a very specific kind of weenie, the kind who like to talk about what is happening, but do nothing about it.

Ok, this is a stretch, I’m sure of it, but bare with me. How much help are we to those people who need us to step up and tell them something in love, but we don’t, because we don’t want to embarrass them, or worse, make them upset at us? How can we expect them to ever grow, change, transform, become better, be sharpened when all we do is keep our teeth in our mouth when they are around? (Notice that last part… when they are around. We usually have very active teeth when they are not around, which is oh-so-helpful.)

God has called us to speak the truth in love. That means, never be anything but truthful, and allow the motivation to be love, not spite, not arrogance, not a desire to stick the knife into their back, but love.

Love means telling someone that they have a foreign object hanging from their nose. Love is telling someone that they forgot to put their shorts on (a future blog post for sure!). Love is telling someone that their zipper is down.

Love is explaining to someone that the attitude they are demonstrating is wrong. Love is taking the time to sit down with a brother or sister in Christ to share real feedback with them about their involvement in a ministry. Love is telling the 135 year old instrumentalist that we are going to have someone else accompany the songs.

Real love steps up and tells the truth, to their face. Anything else isn’t real love.

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