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Worldliness Definition Efforts

March 9, 2009

What follows the next few days will be the combined efforts of about 55 of us as we try to wrap our heads around what “worldliness” really is. We all have heard the term, used the term, and been abused by the term. Instead of focusing on what we have heard, we spent the weekend reflecting, meditating, discussing what a few passages say about worldliness, and then we tried to form our definition from there.

I was challenged, and thus challenged everyone there, to think this way about the topic: I don’t care who says what about worldliness. I don’t care about any definition that has come before. I care about what God says about it. So, let’s look at some passages, and leave here knowing what He defines worldliness as.

So as you read, a few thoughts to keep in mind. First, these aren’t all my original thoughts! Like I said, there were 55 of us wrestling with this, and as a result, some beautiful stuff came up. I’m just reporting about the final product. Second, don’t write us off. Examine the passage yourself, wrestle with some of the ideas found in each one. Then, try your hand at your own definition. Finally, if you’ve done that, throw it at us! I’ll make sure to update the posts with comments on both sites ( and

Aiming for a life pleasing to Him…

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