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The Great Satan Debate

March 27, 2009

ABC Nightline hosted a debate about if Satan exists or not. The primary debaters were Mark Driscoll, and the one guy in the world who I would like to go “temple-cleansing” on, or perhaps punch in the face,  Deepak Chopra. Yes I said it…and I’m not terribly sorry. 🙂  I don’t agree with everything that the Annie lady says, but she did make a point on the broadcast (not sure if it’s in these videos) that is incredibly true, and that is this – “the greatest achievement of Satan is to make them believe that he is not real.”

Anyway, here is the link where you can watch the whole thing. I would encourage you to watch the whole thing, as ABC it its editing cut out some great stuff… I don’t think they did it as a conspiracy, just did it to make it fit..

Enjoy –

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