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A Lesson from…Basements

June 3, 2009

My wife and I have moved quite a bit in the 14 years of our marriage. Our homes have been memorable, to say the least. They included a trailer that had a gaggle of skunks living under it, an apartment that had a herd of raccoons in the attic, an apartment that was above a deaf lady who liked to watch her TV with the volume really loud, an apartment that I locked myself out of, and actually contemplated breaking our sliding glass door so we could get back in, and our home of the last 7ish years, in the Ghetto’s.

We knew the first Pennsylvania apartment (the one with raccoon rest room above our bedroom) had some issues going in. We weren’t exactly sure how major these issues were, until I got an unexpected peak at something.

In the bathroom, a small hole developed near the tub. After examining it for about 4 months, I finally decided I should figure out how serious it was. After crawling around for a bit, what I found shocked me. The “basement” of the apartment was literally caving in. It was rotted out, the dirt was pouring in, and it would cause the entire place to eventually fall in on itself. No one had ever cared for the basement. In fact, no one ever stabilized the walls with concrete; they just packed it with sandbags, hoping that would hold it together. Now, much to our dismay, the damage was seeping into the bathroom, with the rest of the place to follow soon.

This morning, I got a glimpse of my personal basement. Nah, not in the Ghetto’s, but in my soul. I found a bunch of concrete, but there are some places where it’s starting to weaken. Sure enough, those places that are weakening are seeping into other areas of my life. If I don’t take care of those walls, I’m in trouble.

So, I’m going to work. I’m putting on my boots, I’m getting out the old shirt, I’m finding a pair of work gloves, and I’m diving in. Do I have a specific project in mind? Nope. Do I have a major project ahead of me? No doubt. So, I’m diving in.

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  1. June 6, 2009 6:51 pm

    Great lesson, Frank. I think most of us are just plain afraid to look at what might be in the basement of our lives. Which is kind of crazy, because God already knows.

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