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Worship God 09

August 6, 2009

I am in MD at a conference. No big news there. With a couple of friends. Not huge either. Sang songs and heard great preaching. Hmm. But already been worth the trip. Why?

Well, Piper preached, and it was great. The central theme of his message was to make sure our focus is on the God of salvation, not just the salvation. One of the most powerful moments of his message was when he pointed out that in Psalm 8 we are told God formed the universe with His fingers, not hands, or shoulders, or great strength, but simply, His fingers. We are simply that tiny….

The music was amazing. I have already been able to stop, think, refocus and truly worship while singing some of the songs. I’ve seen myself in the songs, and been reminded that I too often don’t take the opportunity to worship. The question is, why?

It’s my own fault, really. I need to learn to let go, to forget about everything else around me and remember Him. The show, the elements, the pictures, the lighting, the cues, the sounds, the feedback, the timings, the batteries being checked, the marks being hit… those are so tiny, so insignificant.

The problem with me is that I put all of that in a significant place… which, by default, puts God in the insignificant place. It’s almost like I am trying to get Him to fit within my perfect plan, and not being amazed that He is the One whose plans are perfect. Those are damning words, and yet, they represent my shortcomings a little too well.

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