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September 1

September 1, 2009

September 1st.

You may know it as the day Boudouin VI became earl of Flanders (1067), or when the wildly unpopular decision was made in Russia to began taxing men’s beards (1689), or perhaps the day that the 1st female telephone operator, Emma Nutt, started working in Boston (1878). Or maybe you know it as the 244th day of the year. Or perhaps, as I am sure it is the case with hundreds of you, it’s the day you have been longing for here at franklyput, the re-launch of this blog.

I can think of no better way to re-start then to talk about how God used yesterday’s message on Hebrews 6.13-20 in my heart. There has been a theme in my walk with Christ over the past months, a theme that hasn’t been easy or delightful. It can be described with a word: waiting.

What the Holy Spirit did in my heart yesterday was drive home a very obvious and simple Truth… God can not lie, even though at times I may think He has/is. He is worth waiting on, as He will always fulfill His Word. The song that has been stuck in my head forever now is “While I’m Waiting” (see the link on the right). What a simply killer truth – God cannot and will not lie. How did I get that one wrong?

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  1. September 1, 2009 7:31 pm

    Y’know, all those things crossed my mind today…


    Glad your blog is back. I’m liking the look and the content. I’ll have fun poking around!

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