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Music Review: Tonight, by Rush of Fools

September 9, 2009

Ok, this is a crazy feature of the blog, especially for a non-musician. But, because of my position, I am handed, both figuratively and literally, a bazillion songs each week. (Ok, not literally a bazillion songs…) But I want to share some of the comments that I have about some of the songs that I come across.

The song for this time is Tonight, by Rush of Fools. (By the way, what a name. It could be worse only if it were something like a Gaggle of Freaks, but I digress.) Here are the lyrics.

I’m so aware of what I deserve

I should be drowning in the red sea tonight

But so aware, what you impart

I’m only drowning in Your love tonight

I’m only drowning in Your love


Cause You give when You should take away

And You take what should have been my pain

And You offer good when I’ve none in me

You’re the only love that makes me complete

You draw me closer than the air

You wipe away all my despair tonight

You pull me out to where You are

Until I’m drowning in Your love tonight

I’m only drowning in Your love

My review is simple, because I don’t want to get into the insanity of passing detailed judgment on each song I come across. Instead, I will take a swing at it as if someone here wanted to use the song.

The song is beautiful, but is weak in its “specificity.” Though I think it is direct enough as to Who is being spoken of, if you are not careful, you could use this as a date song (though the drowning in the red sea comment might be awkward!). I would say it is usable, but I would want to keep an eye on what service we used it in, and how we intro’d it. Actually, I would probably want to intro it with Scripture or a dramatic reading to make sure there was no way to miss what was going on.

Sorry, I don’t have a scale of 1 – 10, or a star system. 🙂

Listen to it here.

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