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A Good Thing

September 22, 2009

How can you be totally confident in something, and yet completely desperate for it? How can you be fully sure of what you have, and yet still admit totally that if you lose it, you’re done? How can you be content, and yet be un-content at the same time?

As I think through my relationship with God, I see two very distinct “feelings” occurring in my life. First, the great number of times I have laid my head on the pillow and breathed confidently, knowing that my great God is not only in control of everything, but also is looking out for my best, my good, because, well, that’s just how He works. Second, the far more number of times that I am overwhelmed with my deep, desperate need for Him.

It’s almost like I suddenly take notice of air and its importance to my life, to each moment, to each second….it’s almost as if I’ve become as desperate for His water as the deer in Psalm 42…it’s almost as if Paul’s words are becoming my own, that I might be able to know Him above everything else…

It’s almost like desperately seeking Him is a good thing.

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