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Take 2 – Making God Smile

September 27, 2009

from June 22, 2008

David has committed 2 crimes that, according to the Law of God, are completely unforgivable; adultery and murder. Should his sins/crimes be revealed, there would be one option: death by stoning.

Time passes (probably about a full year), and Nathan approaches David, confronting him with his sin in a powerful preachers illustration. Time seems to stand still, and the King repents. Yes, there are consequences as David and Bathsheba have to deal with the horrific trauma of an infant lost. Yes the story is suddenly very positive… and that can leave a bad taste in my mouth. Quite frankly, there are times when I get to this point in the story and feel almost bitter, just because it’s so unfair!

Two things must be remembered. One, God’s mercy is “unfair.” It is totally undeserved, and it is something I am totally grateful for. Without it, I am damned at best.

Second, we tend to forget that David’s conversation with God is a desperate one. We don’t get that conversation in Samuel, but have to turn to Psalm 51 for David’s prayer for forgiveness. In it, we see that he, like I often do, knows that he is undeserving of forgiveness because, on his best day, he is a sinner. He was born that way, and can never get rid of that nature.

Here’s the part that blows me away. This desperate entreaty, this attitude of begging, this King falling on his face and pleading with a holy God for mercy… this pleases Him. God is made happy with broken and contrite hearts, not grand gifts or grand people. He is happy with weaklings, with miserable failures, because we can only succeed as we beg Him for His help. As we come to Him with humility, admitting with our lips what our lives have demonstrated so many times, God is glorified. I like to think of a smile creeping onto His lips.

Why? Because showing undeserved mercy brings Him joy.

Good thing.

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