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The Fool

October 2, 2009

I have been known to be a bit tough on the disciples. While I think they are to be admired for their dedication, they totally missed the boat for the 3+ years that Christ was ministering. Think about it this way…

They were hanging out with Jesus, the One who created everything that they see, the One who has been around forever, the One who is going to die for them, the One who said He was going to come back from the grave, the One who fed 5000 people from a boy’s lunch, the One who walked on water, the One who cast out the demons, the One who healed the sick, the One who seemed to know the OT front and back, like He wrote it or something. And all they can ask is,

“Can I sit next to you? What do you mean you are leaving? Where are you going? Are you going to kill yourself? Why are you paying attention to that woman? She’s had that ‘issue of blood’ forever, and is hopeless! Why are you talking with that woman at the well? Don’t you know what she is like? Why are you letting her put that expensive perfume on you? You mustn’t know who she is!”

Wow. Talk about a severe lack of understanding. Swing and a miss. Again. And again. And, again.

But…as harsh as I am about the 12/11 fellas who followed Christ, do I sound any different?

“Why are you making me wait for Your answer? Why did that person have to sit next to me on the plane? Don’t you know how much I have to do? Why didn’t you keep me from getting laid off? Why don’t you love me? Why would you forgive them? Can’t you hear me? Why did he get that promotion, and not me?”

Just like the disciples, I can easily forget who He really is. Shame on me, because, at least they were on the other side of the cross when they got it wrong every once and again. Here I am, history on my side, the cross a finished event, and I can’t stop blowing it.

Who’s the fool?

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