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Can’t shake it!

October 5, 2009

So, just spent a total of about 400 hours driving this past week or 2. (Small exageration… very small.) So, what do I do while I drive?

  • I pray.
  • I have pretend conversations with people.
  • I explain to my children why I am talking to myself.
  • I plan out the next 10 years of my life, personal, ministry, athletic, music career, political aspirations, etc.
  • I spill coffee on my lap.
  • I again explain to my children why I am talking to myself, and why I used the “money-in-the-jar” words.
  • I see how many cars I can pass without letting one pass me.
  • I sheepishly look away when the one I wouldn’t let pass flashes his police lights at me to “ask me kindly” to get out of his way.
  • I praise the Lord that my wife was asleep when this all happened.
  • I listen to messages on my IPOD.
  • I listen to music on my IPOD.

Ah, finally, the point! The music I listen to on trips is often a pile of stuff people have given to me to get my opinion on. But this month, this month I just let my IPOD run, and allowed the music to play, and listened. And was blown away by songs that are probably familiar to most, but needed to be refreshed in my mind.

What you’ll find in the “Songs Stuck in My Head” section (right side of page, scroll down a little and you’ll see it) are songs that were used by God in my life, my heart, and are now stuck in my head.

An open invitation… if you have songs that you want to throw my way, please do! I would enjoy the opportunity to be exposed to a bunch of other music, as well as the opportunity to interact on the blog here with a number of songs.

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