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Lessons from… a 4 year old

October 6, 2009

I was sitting at breakfast with my 4 year old the first morning of vacation. We were dining on the fine delicacy of Fruit Loops. We were having a wonderful conversation about whatever crossed her mind, and I was starting to daze a little. Suddenly, she looked at me and told me that there was a new girl in her class, Christina.

But it didn’t stop with this sudden introduction to the new girl, but continued. She told me of this little girl who was “so nice!” I asked what made her such a nice girl, and the response was typical of a 4 year old, but deep, and filled with wisdom we could learn from as a church of Jesus Christ.

“She’s nice because she doesn’t pinch, or push me, or punch any kids, and she lets all of us play with her, even though she didn’t know us!”

What would the church look like if that categorized us?

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