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Leadership 1

November 2, 2009

Leadership. I am thinking about it more, praying about it more, reading about it more, and am coming to some conclusions that are not necessarily surprising, but are freeing.

My goal will be to touch on leadership occasionally for the next few weeks. I want to deal with some things that have come up in my personal devotions, conversations, reading and meditations. Things like, what determines if you are a leader or not; how you become a leader; mistakes a leader makes; how to be a successful leader.

But to start, what does a leader look like?

This is somewhat of a trick question, I think. If you answer it according to a corporate mindset, the potential leader you will describe will have the traits of James 3.14, filled with bitter envy and selfish ambition (the idea of being willing to step on everyone as you climb your corporate ladder), things that not only God isn’t all that crazy about, but that are called demonic in verse 15.

Instead, what a real, biblical, godly leader looks like would be better described as James 3.17.

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

He will be marked by wisdom from above, and not selfish ambition. He will be someone who is looking out for the welfare of others, instead of being jealous of what everyone else has. He will deal with people in a way that is marked with gentleness, mercy, impartiality and sincerity, instead of dealing with people as tools to get his own way.

But, by far, the one that is most pressing on my heart is, he will be “open to reason.” He will not insist that his ideas are the only good ideas, but will listen as people bounce ideas at him. He will not be obstinate, but instead will be humble. This doesn’t mean every opposing viewpoint will determine his decisions, but rather, that each valid argument will be considered in a spirit of integrity, and a decision will be made in a spirit of humility.

Leadership is marked by wisdom from above.

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