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Music review: Completely Done, by Sovereign Grace Ministries

November 6, 2009

So, here’s a newer song from Sovereign Grace that I was actually surprised by. The lyrics:

What reason have I to doubt?

Why would I dwell in fear

When all I have known is grace?

My future in Christ is clear!

My sins have been paid in full,

There’s no condemnation here.

I live in the good of this

My Father has brought me near.

I’m leaving my fears behind me now!


The old is gone, the new has come.

What You complete is completely done.

We’re heirs with Christ, the victory won.

What You complete is completely done.

I don’t know what lies ahead,

What if I fail again?

You are my confidence,

You’ll keep me to the end.

I’m leaving my fears behind me now!

Why was I surprised? I read the chorus first, and thought it was ridiculously corny. I mean, “What you complete is completely done” is a pretty “goofy” way to say something, and that phrase is the focus of the entire song.

But after spending some time listening to the song, singing along with the song, evaluating the message of the song, I am overwhelmed by the song. That 3rd verse is a powerful reminder that, yes, I will indeed fail again, but my confidence isn’t in my ability to get it right all of the time; it’s in the absolutely finished work of Christ.

Oh, and the chorus’s simplicity as become a favorite of mine. It is so incredibly simple, and yet, so incredibly deep. Think about all of the struggles in our past, present, and, ugh, our future. All of that is puny in comparison to what we have in Christ.

Click here for a listen.

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  1. November 6, 2009 2:34 pm

    Frank, thanks for not dismissing the song after your first impression. Glad that God is using it to make you freshly aware of the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice to pay for ALL our sins! Jesus is and will forever be the only Savior we need.

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