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Leadership #4 – An illustration

November 20, 2009

As I’ve studied, prayed, researched and read, I’ve found countless pages of information about leadership. It has been refreshing to my soul, but also depressing at times to see what I have screwed up along the way.

This is a great illustration of what God is calling us to as leaders.

A young man was promoted as a bank president at the young age of thirty-two.  It was far beyond his wildest dreams and very frightening, so he approached the old chairman of the board for advice on how to be a good bank president.

“What is the most important thing for me to do as president?” he asked.

“Make right decisions,” said the chairman.

“How do I make right decisions?” asked the young president.

“Experience” replied the chairman.

Exasperated, the young president said, “But how do I get experience?”

“Wrong decisions,” said the chairman.

We all fail throughout life.  It’s a disappointing feeling to fail; but, as illustrated above, sometimes the best way to be successful is to allow ourselves to make mistakes, learning from them and moving forward through the disappointment.  If we are stuck focusing on the disappointment of our failures, we need to ask God to help us look for what we can learn from them and how we can become better.

Otherwise, we will miss out on so much that God has in store for our lives.

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