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December 15, 2009

It’s funny what crazy things you will do in order to accomplish something you really want to accomplish. I mean, I want to shoot some deer, so I get up at some ungodly hour, bundle up, because it’s absolutely freezing out, and walk into the woods, in the pitch dark, hoping to not run into some hungry rabid beast on my way to the fine tree stand I will sit in all day. Once in the stand, and fully ready, I turn off my head lamp, and sit.

And it’s quiet. Not like a library is quiet.

But freaky quiet.

There isn’t a cloud in the sky. In fact, the moon isn’t out this morning, so all I can see is stars.


I mean, stars like I never see at home. (Usually because I’m still out cold if I’m at home.) They are dotting the sky, and are brighter than you could ever imagine. During those moments, I am again amazed at God’s incredible creation, these massive balls of fire in the galaxy.

Then the sun begins to rise in the East, coming up over the mountains. The beauty of the sunrise is breathtaking, every time. But this time, I notice something. I notice that the stars slowly disappear. As the sun climbs into the morning sky, slowly, the stars are no longer visible. I mean, I know they’re still there, but I can’t see them anymore, because the sun is shining now. It’s so incredibly powerful and bright compared to those “tiny” stars, that it fills the sky with light, and the stars become impossible to see.

I am reminded of this: there are so many huge shiny objects that captivate my attention. In fact, they captivate my desires, my longings. They are good things, they are noble things, they are right things. They are things that are beautiful and wonderful. I want to see them clearly.

But when God is in the picture, they all vanish. He is too good, too noble, too beautiful and wonderful for my attention to be anyplace else.

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