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I wish….

March 19, 2010

Going to start a new thought pattern (scared to call it a “series”) on the blog here… I am accumulating a short list of ways I would finish the sentence, “I wish….”. Probably not going to be life changing all of the time, but it will be sincere.

#1 – I wish my dad a happy birthday!

#2 – I wish my wife would just give in and tell me that I’m right. Always.

#3 – I wish that the thought process I used to make my NCAA picks proved to be more productive than the process my 4 year old daughter used (which included her giggling every time I said “Butler”).

#4 – I wish I would learn to quit whining when something didn’t go my way. (See wish #3 above)

#5 – I wish I knew what tomorrow holds.

****The “I wish…” disclaimer. It’s fun to dream, and to wish. If we stop there, we’re in trouble. Some of our dreams will only ever be dreams if we don’t get off our lazy rear ends and do something about it. Some of our wishes are selfish, because we don’t want to depend on God. I am fully aware of that. This is simply a collection of random ways I would finish the sentence – so relax.

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